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“Heavy Israeli Airstrikes Hit Southern Gaza City Amidst Humanitarian Efforts to Deliver Medicine to Hostages”


Jan 18, 2024

The situation in southern Gaza, particularly in Khan Younis, has escalated with reports of intense Israeli airstrikes, causing panic among residents. Videos depict a night filled with the sound of bombings and gunfire, leading displaced families to flee a local hospital as the conflict approaches. Witnesses describe the scenes as unprecedented, with people, especially children, living in fear and terror.

The Nasser Hospital in Khan Younis is under threat of closure due to the proximity of Israeli tanks, and the Jordanian army reports damage to its field hospital in the area, holding Israel responsible for breaching international law.

A significant number of Gaza’s population has been displaced, struggling to find basic supplies and cramming into shelters. UN special rapporteurs express concerns about hunger and the imminent threat of famine for a quarter of the population.

Israel’s Defense Minister suggests that the intense military operations in southern Gaza will soon wind down, focusing on more targeted actions in the north. However, the return of Israeli tanks to previously evacuated areas has caused uncertainty among Gazans.

Qatar has mediated a deal between Israel and Hamas, involving the exchange of medicines for Israeli hostages. The medicines are set to be flown from Doha to northern Egypt and then transported to Gaza. The specifics of how the medicines will reach the hostages, who reportedly suffer from chronic diseases, remain unclear. The deal also includes a significant increase in medicines for Palestinians. The hope for a new agreement to free hostages has been expressed by the White House, with Qatar and Egypt proposing plans for their release in exchange for a halt in fighting.

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