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Indian State-Sponsored Terrorism in Canada tip of the iceberg! By Kashif Mirza


Sep 23, 2023

The writer is an

economist, anchor,

analyst and the

President of All

 Pakistan Private

Schools’ Federation



Tension between Canada and India over the assassination of a Sikh Canadian flared with duelling expulsion of diplomats and a halt to bilateral trade talks, as the United States and other countries weighed in, calling on Delhi to cooperate with Ottawa in the murder investigation. It remains the deadliest terrorist attack against Canada in history. Simultaneously, Canada issued an updated travel advisory for India, strongly advising its citizens against traveling to Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) as well as the northeastern states, with particular emphasis on Assam and the regions affected by recent violence in Manipur. Canada expelled a top Indian diplomat as it investigated what Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called credible allegations that India’s government might have had links to the assassination of Hardeep Singh Nijjar, 45, outside a Sikh cultural center in Surrey, British Columbia, on June 18. Barely weeks after much trumpeted G-20 summit in India, Trudeau had told Canada’s House of Commons that the intelligence agencies had been looking into the allegations after Nijjar, a strong supporter of an independent Sikh homeland known as Khalistan, was gunned down. Trudeau said that he brought up the slaying with Indian Prime Minister Modi at the Group of 20 Summit in New Delhi and added that he told Modi that any Indian government involvement would be unacceptable and that he asked for cooperation in the investigation. India has been particularly wary of the protests in Canada, with some Indian analysts saying Ottawa did not stop them because Sikhs were an influential political group. New Delhi, which urged Ottawa to act against anti-Indian elements, has long been unhappy over Sikh separatist activity in Canada. Nijjar supported creating a Sikh homeland in the form of an independent state of Khalistan, in the Indian state of Punjab.  However, Both sides have announced they are freezing the talks. Canada was not trying to provoke India but warned that the case had far-reaching consequences in international law. Soon after the murder, protests by Sikhs in India reached a new height as a demonstration was held in front of the office of the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), India’s premier spy agency, in Amritsar. The protestors accused RAW of being behind the killing of Najjar. Canada and India have been trying to boost low levels of bilateral trade, which in 2022 amounted to just C$13.7 billion ($10.2 billion) out of Canada’s total of C$1.52 trillion. Canada has the largest population of Sikhs outside Punjab, with about 770,000 people reporting Sikhism as their religion in the 2021 census. Sikh and Muslim organizations welcomed Trudeau’s remarks and called on his government to take swift action, including protecting the Sikhs under threat in Canada and preventing Indian nationals tied to intelligence forces or human rights abuses from entering Canada, among other immediate steps.  The conflict with Canada hit a severe blow to the Modi government’s efforts to portray Modi as a leader of the developing world. It also happened days after India hosted a G-20 Summit, attended by Trudeau, as well as the US president and others, which Modi used for his personal projection ahead of India’s elections. The United States and other Western powers would want a row that divided them from India. Therefore, Western ministers would be working hard to ensure the diplomatic row between Canada and India did not bleed into other international relationships. Trudeau had raised the issue with Biden and British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. The White House said the US was deeply concerned about the allegations of the murder, saying it was critical that Canada’s investigation proceed and the perpetrators be brought to justice. The Indian government is involved in the killing of people who are against the policies of India. This time Indian nefarious designs have been fully exposed and the Canadian government has expelled an Indian diplomat for alleged involvement in the killing of a Sikh leader in Canada. 

This is not the first time that India and RAW have been found involved in State-Sponsored terrorist activities in other countries. RAW is working on the Mossad style terrorist activities, which is a vision of NSA Ajit Doval’s philosophy to eliminate freedom movements and freedom of expression.

There are reasons for India and its spy agency RAW to be termed dreaded after a series of suspicious deaths and killings of terrorists, separatists, and enemies who had long been involved in anti-India activities or responsible for unrest in India in some way or other. If count the numbers of such killings or attempts, right from Pakistan to the UK, Canada, and even the US. This is not the first time that India and RAW have been found involved in State-Sponsored terrorist activities in other countries. RAW is working on Mossad-style terrorist activities, which is a vision of NSA Ajit Doval’s philosophy to eliminate freedom movements and freedom of expression.
Hardeep Singh Nijjar, a Canadian Citizen, was shot dead outside a gurdwara in British Columbia, Canada on June 19. Canadian law enforcement authorities have yet to arrest the perpetrators. Canada has been in the news since recently for organizing Khalistan rallies. Indian Punjab had suffered Indian-state terrorism for almost two decades, from the early 80s until the 90s. Another Khalistan’s liberation freedom fighter, Avtar Singh Khanda, died due to suspected poisoning in a hospital in UK’s Birmingham on June 16. This means that RAW has a deep network and assets in other sovereign countries that inimical elements be eliminated in sensational daylight murders. Earlier this year, on March 19, some pro-Khalistani people had attempted to take down the Indian tricolor from the High Commission premises in London and had tried to put the yellow flag of the Khalistani movement there. Khanda was among three alleged accused who was named as the mastermind by NIA in the FIR regarding the attack on the Indian High Commission. Exactly two days after naming him, Khanda was mysteriously found dead in a UK hospital due to poisoning. Khalistani freedom fighters are not the only ones on the hit list of India and RAW, but also the freedom fighters of IIOJ&K Jammu and Kashmir and other freedom movements are also on the hit list of India and RAW, as old as 1985. Last year in March (2022), Zahoor Mistry, let alone IC-814, was killed in the past year or so. Pakistan, in the past, expelled many undercover RAW agents who were involved in terrorist activities in the country. The EU Disinfo-Lab fully exposed the involvement of Indian agents in more than 127 countries, involved in disinformation, subversive activities, and other nefarious acts. India is trying to fool and mislead the world while killing anti-Indian people living in different countries. After the killing of Indira Gandhi, the Indian government launched a systematic campaign to exterminate the Sikh dissidents. The war of 1965 affected a change in India’s Pakistan strategy, which essentially revolved around a three-pronged offensive on ideological, economic, and military fronts. When the strategy did not succeed, the Indian Government resorted to state sponsoring of terrorism inside East Pakistan through the creation of various terrorist organizations like Mukti Bahini, etc. In order to exploit the internal socio-political weaknesses. Perpetration of India’s state-sponsored terrorism during 1971 in East Pakistan through the application of her defense forces and intelligence agencies is a well-recorded historical fact. After almost nine months of preparations, on December 3, 1971, the Indian Government declared an open war against Pakistan and launched its army, navy, and, air force offensive in East Pakistan. Pakistan has long accused India of fuelling insurgency in Balochistan. Officials say Indian spies are operating through a network of Indian missions dotting southern and eastern Afghanistan, where most Baloch insurgents are also based. The military believes India also has involvement in Karachi, Pakistan’s largest and most volatile city. Pakistan has been raising this issue for long and now the world has also realized this fact. India has been using various ploys to launch false flag operations against Pakistan. In February 2019, India used the pretext of Pulwama to launch an air attack on Pakistan which failed miserably. Kashmiris and Pakistani diaspora across the world have been highlighting the human rights abuses of India in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir. The action of the Canadian government against India at the diplomatic level is significant. It has gained the attention of world media. This development has shown the world that India is involved in nefarious activities in various countries of the world. Canada hosts a large number of Sikh diaspora and the Khalistan movement has been very strong there. Sikhs have been struggling for the creation of their separate homeland in India and in recent years they have held referendums in other countries. Sikhs have faced persecution at the hands of successive Indian governments, especially since 1984 when the then Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was assassinated by her Sikh bodyguards. Sikhs still remember Operation Blue Star in which a large number of Sikhs were killed by Indian security forces. Now, they want to create their own separate homeland, Khalistan, where they can live and exercise their faith with freedom. The Modi-led government has also intensified its crackdown against Sikhs not only in India but also against the Sikh diaspora in other countries. It is a proven fact that India is involved in state-sponsored terrorism. Sabotaging CPEC is currently at the center of India’s nefarious design. The arrest and confession of Indian RAW Agent Kulbhushan Sudhir Jadhav (also spelled Kulbhushan Yadav, pseudonym Hussain Mubarak Patel), who was caught in Balochistan in 2016, has fully exposed India. His disclosures about the presence of Indian saboteurs’ sleeper cells in Pakistan and terror financing raise questions about the Western world’s engagement policy with India. Pakistan has irrefutable evidence of Indian state backing for acts of terrorism in Pakistan. The issues of international concern should receive the United Nations’ attention and which should be left to rot is decided or influenced by which UN Members is an open secret. It’s not just Kulbhushan Yadav’s confession but a person no less than Chuck Hagel, the former US Secretary of Defence made a public disclosure about how India finances ‘troubles’ in Pakistan using Afghan soil. Analyzing the killing of innocent Chinese engineers and other officials involved in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), in the backdrop of the facts about Indian state-sponsored terrorism and Indian open opposition to the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and its flagship project CPEC, should leave no doubts about who could be behind terrorist activities against Chinese workers in Pakistan and incidents of terrorism in Balochistan. In a nutshell, contrary to its discursive strategy, India’s efforts to disrupt and sabotage the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor are evident. It has heavily invested itself through efforts such as intelligence apparatuses, misinformation campaigns, proxy groups, diplomatic efforts, and alliances to weaken CPEC.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led government continued its systematic discrimination and stigmatization of religious and other minorities, particularly Muslims. The government’s Hindu majoritarian ideology was reflected in bias in institutions, including the justice system and constitutional authorities like the National Human Rights Commission. Three years after the government revoked Jammu and Kashmir’s constitutional autonomous status and split it into two federally governed territories, violence continued with 229 reported deaths as of October, including 28 civilians, 29 security force personnel, and 172 Kashmiris martyred. The nuclear-armed rival countries have fought several wars and low-intensity conflicts over Kashmir since gaining independence from Britain in 1947. Pakistan supported the U.S. in the last 45 years in two wars in Afghanistan. In both, Pakistan was a front-line state in a war that was not ours. As a result of that, we dragged terrorism into our home. But, there was no acknowledgment of the estimated 80,000 lives Pakistan claims to have lost to fighting terrorism. This is not the first time that Indians have been found involved in terrorist and subversive activities in other countries. India has no right and can not do such covert operations because of the more powerful in the world, even the UK and Canada. The courage of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appreciable who raised the issue and took India to task for killing a Canadian Sikh. The diplomatic action of Canada is enough to show the world of true face of India. Khalistan‘s and Kashmir’s movements are gaining momentum with every passing day and it is going to be stronger in the future. India has been persecuting all minorities, especially Muslims, on its land. The worst human rights abuses in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir require the world’s attention.

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