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On Malala Arrival, Pakistan observed ‘I am not Malala’s day’ as a black day,


Oct 13, 2022

On Malala Arrival, Pakistan observed ‘I am not Malala’s day’ as a black day, in all over the Pakistan.The Documentary Film ‘I am not Malala’ season 2 was also Launched. On the call of Kashif Mirza, President All Pakistan Private Schools Federation, the largest organisation representing almost 200,000 schools – responsible for a combined 26 million students – “I am not Malala day’ observed.

The Documentary Film ‘I am not Malala’ season 2 was also Launched. Today’s due to the arrival of Malala in Pakistan, ‘I am not Malala’s day’ was observed as black day, in all over the Pakistan. Especially, In the season 2, Malala attacked on the institution of marriage & family structure by advocating that people should live in sin, was highlighted, that Marriage is a Sunnah, whereas, partnership is adultery. Malala advocated Partnership, indeed supported adultery, said Kashif Mirza. Living together with Na-mehrams, without marriage is an unacceptable sin and is called Zina. No one can justify Muslims living together without marriage as it is strongly condemned in Islam. In ‘I am not Malala’ Season 2, it was highlighted that the marriage is a beautiful sunnah, and was practiced by Prophet Muhammad (SAW) himself, and strictly ordered by Allah (S.W.T) through holy Quran as well. Indeed Malala has categorically rejected the institution of marriage and suggested that ‘partnership’ is better than getting married. 

Kashif Mirza pointed out, that Season 2, also focused that Malala’s comments were attempting to corrupt the minds of young people and to copy western culture which were against the tenets of Islam, and also propagating negative ideas about the sacred rules of holy matrimony. We taught our generation that Nikkah is Sunnah, and getting a nikkah done with the blessings of Allah is beautiful, and getting future blessed in a halal way is wonderful. Marriage is a Sunnah, referring to the practice of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) that all Muslims are expected to emulate. 

Through lectures, seminars, workshops APPSF educated 26 million students through it’s 1.5 million teachers in more than 200,000 schools across the country regarding the controversial Malala’s views on marriage, who as usual, again have given a very controversial statement over marriage: Kashif Mirza

All over the Pakistan, participated schools held lectures and seminars. All teachers wore black armed bands during school hours: Kashif Mirza .This day 12 October observed and marked as a black day and schools taught the students to shun the ideology of Malala. 

It’s not first time when Malala questioned highly controversial, many times she did not show any respect for Islam and created a lot of controversies as part of her agenda. 

In the past, in Malala’s book ‘I am Malala’, a highly controversial material is found which is contrary to the teachings of Islam, Quranic injunctions, sayings of the Holy Prophet (SAW), Ideology of Islam, Ideology of Pakistan, Quaid e Azam, Pak Army and so on. 

The controversial British journalist Christina Lamb notorious due to OB Laden scandal, wrote Malala’s book as co-author, who has been declared persona non grata by Pakistan for her criminal activities, and deported twice from Pakistan. 

This book was written on the behest of western forces who have used Malala for their ulterior motives and it is clear that Malala is playing in their hands.Malala has declared Islam and Pak army as ‘Militant’ in her controversial book. Malala criticised Quranic verses about two women’s testimony to be equal to that of a man; and also about the four witness in Rape case; perhaps she does not know the orders of Allah. 

In her book, Malala also wrote that “Where the Quran says that the women are dependent on men”, the answer is that it is in Surat un Nisa that men are declared guardians of women. She objects to the laws of Allah Almighty and also on ‘Namus e Risaalat (SAW) law. 

In Malala’s book, the blasphemous book of Salman Rushdie’s “Satanic Verses” has been referred and supported to as freedom of expression while referring to her father’s views. A group photo with Tasleema Nasreen and strong ties with an Indian for Nobel Award are enough to explain Malala’s designs and the West’s Agenda.

The alleged blog by Malala under the name “Gul Makai” was written, Malala could not read or write.It is well noted that Malala’s father Ziauddin admitted in a TV program that the said blog was written by BBC correspondent Abdul Hai Kakar and the book “I am Malala” was written by Christina Lamb.

Malala and Ziauddin also met with the US Ambassador Richard Holbrooke and CIA’s station commander and other officials were present in this meeting. Relations with CIA agent Adam B Elick is also very clear. 

Further in her book Malala also proudly says, “On Pakistan’s 50th anniversary on 14th August 1997, my father said there was nothing to celebrate as Swat had suffered only since it had merged with Pakistan. They wore black armbands to protest and were arrested and had to pay a fine they could not afford”. 

Moreover, the video in which Ziauddin can be seen raising anti-Pakistan slogans, which is a clear proof. Malala and her father Ziauddin also criticized the nuclear programme.We would never want that our children follow Malala, no matter how many high awards she wins and that the gates of White House and Buckingham Palace remain open for her: Kashif Mirza

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