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Winter Olympics: Norway wins 15 gold record as Johannes Thingnes Bo wins biathlon

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  • Winter Olympics: Norway wins 15 gold record as Johannes Thingnes Bo wins biathlon
Johannes Thingnes Bo guided Norway to the history of the Winter Olympics as he won the 15th gold record in Beijing.
Bo’s victory in the first major biathlon competition was his fourth Games gold, and his fifth total medal.
His country’s statistics surpassed earlier in the 14th Winter Games, first won by Canada in 2010.
Marte Olsbu Roiseland of Norway, on the other hand, was the first person to win a medal at all four biathlon events in the Winter Games.
Roiseland took bronze from the women’s biathlon mass, adding gold to her sprint competition and pursuit of biathlon events, and bronze for each individual.
The 31-year-old also won gold in a mixed-race, meaning she is the first woman to win five biathlon medals in one Winter Games.
Justine Braisaz-Bouchet took the gold at the first major women’s event, becoming the first French woman to do so.
Tiril Eckhoff, second, is the first female biathlete to win the first medal in three consecutive games.
With Bo, 28, winning the men’s tournament, he became the third athlete to win five medals in one match behind Quentin Fillon Maillet of France, who won gold in individual and athletic events in Beijing, and silver in the sprint and both. transfers, and Roiseland.
Martin Ponsilouma of Sweden won silver with another Norwegian, Vetle Sjaastad Christiansen, who won bronze.
Fillon Maillet finished in fourth place to barely miss the sixth Olympic biathlon medal.
Athletes had to contend with cold and strong winds in both races, and the women’s event was attended by 24 hours due to inclement weather.
Finland became the first ice hockey final in 16 years
Finland reached the first men’s Olympic ice hockey final in 16 years after a 2-0 victory over Slovakia.
Sakari Manninen scored the opening goal in Finland’s first round, having never won a gold medal.
Harri Pesonen hit an empty net to close out the win late after Slovakia’s Patrik Rybar joined their attack in search of an equalizer.
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The Finns had beaten Slovakia 6-2 in their first match of the tournament but this was very close, Mannen’s goal was one of the few chances to score in the first half.
The rest of the match was dominated by two batsmen, Rybar of Slovakia made 25 saves, and Harri Sateri made 28 to secure a Finnish shutout.
Although it has never won gold at the Olympics, Finland – the second-ranked team in the world – has won medals in three of the last four matches, including silver in Turin in 2006.
They will face Russia at the Olympic Committee in a gold medal on Sunday after defending champions defeated Sweden in a penalty shootout.
Arseni Gritsyuk scored the final goal in a sudden death kick.
Sweden’s Anton Lander scored Anton Slepyshev’s goal in the middle of the third half, the teams still unable to split after extra time, in a 1-1 draw. The USA, defending champions.
The tense competition turned into a ninth-place finish when U.S. skipper John Shuster stopped stealing two points, which opened up a three-point deficit that they could not get out of again.
The victory replaces Canada’s US defeat in the semi-finals in Pyeongchang four years ago, ending a Canadian race to win three consecutive gold medals at the event.
The bronze medal will be the only Canadian medal in the Beijing Games after their women’s and women’s teams failed to make it to the finals.
Great Britain, who beat the USA in the semi-finals on Thursday, play Sweden in a men’s gold medal match on Saturday.