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IGP Dr Usman Anwar’s tenure: A Transformative period of Police By Kashif Mirza


Oct 13, 2023

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Management is all about arranging and telling, whereas, leadership is about nurturing and enhancing. No strategy is effective unless ends and means are aligned. So Pakistan needs leaders and leadership requires wisdom, understanding, out-of-box solutions, forbearance, and accountability. A boss typically is someone who uses their authority or power to control people to act in a particular way, whereas a leader seeks to influence others through their actions. There are many inspirational stories of how leaders are able to transform organizations in different ways. Today’s inspirational story is all about such a leader who seeks to influence others through their actions. Mr. Dr Us­man Anwar’s tenure as Inspector General of Police (IGP) Punjab marked a transformative period in the policing of the Punjab landscape. His visionary leadership and dedication to upholding the principles significantly contributed to the progress and modernization of the Punjab Police. This article explores Mr. Dr. Us­man Anwar’s impactful role as IGP, highlighting the key initiatives and reforms undertaken by the IGP during his tenure to strengthen Law and Order processes and promote citizen values. Especially, under his leadership the Punjab police unveiled an artificial intelligence-powered ‘facial recognition system’ aimed at enhancing accountability, reliability, and efficiency in tracing and apprehending suspects and wanted criminals. The Pun­jab Police were following the latest e-policing based on information technol­ogy and using information tech­nology and modern tools to improve law and order, curb crimes, and improve service delivery. In a special message about the latest IT reforms and projects, being used by the Punjab Force, the IGP said the working of the Punjab police had been built on modern systems and applications of information technology. The newly introduced Face Trace System (FTS) utilizes artificial intelligence to create a comprehensive data bank of over 18 million individuals, including suspects and criminals. This advanced facial recognition technology will enable law enforcement officers across the Punjab province to efficiently locate wanted criminals and accused persons. Moreover, the FTS will also aid in identifying and tracing suspects detected through CCTV cameras and other sources. The system is built with compatibility for the latest artificial intelligence technology, ensuring speedy arrests following accurate criminal identification. Punjab Police plans for further improvement of the system through training, integration, and feedback from the police force. The system would be further improved in the light of training, practice, integration, and feedback received from the force and it would be improved by linking it with the database of other institutions. The districts have been informed about the use of FST. Soon the System will also be connected with e-police posts, crime prevention apps, etc. The FTS will speed up the process of arrest after identifying the criminals. IGP Dr Usman Anwar launched the system developed by the Punjab Police Information Technology (IT) wing in collaboration with the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB). DIG Ahsan Younas, heading the IT Wing, collected data from various sections and organizations within the Punjab police, leading to the development of this advanced system. The implementation of the FTS has been made accessible to investigating officers all over the province, significantly streamlining the identification process.  As per data 1787 and Complaint Man­agement System were active continuously for transparent, impartial, and accountability of the police force, tracking, feedback, and follow-up of all complaints of citizens related to police were done at a high level of supervision. In this regard, thousands of complaints have been redressed in time. Along with the gradual functionalization of all safe city cameras, a system was being launched at the local level in the other three cities. Anti-vehicle lifting system, the latest mechanism of vehicle checking through e-gadgets applications was in use. Likewise, facial recognition systems, checking number plates through artificial intelligence, arresting criminals, and reunion of missing persons with their families were under way with the use of technology. The e-post system of the police was being exploited for the arrest of dozens of court fugitives and proclaimed offenders and bringing them to justice on a daily basis. The IGP Punjab said that every police constable had a human resource management system, welfare, and crime prevention app, as well as smart eye, hotel eye, tenancy registration and other applications to track criminals and anti-social elements. The Punjab Police’s ‘Pakistan app’, compat­ible with Android and IOS sys­tem, had integrated all the po­lice apps through which citizens could easily access 14 facilities at home in the style of a service center. The driving license issuing system of the Punjab Police had been upgrad­ed and every Pakistani, who had a national identity card, could get a license from the driving centers through the modern IT system of the Punjab Police. The police station record management system in use at the police station level helps in the effective use of available personnel and resources, while the office work of the police has been harmonized with the Chief Minister’s Secretariat and has become paperless through the e-FOAS system. The IGP said that the Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) and Special Branch had developed such software with the latest data analysis and artificial intelligence systems which were not even available in the world’s top agencies and thanks to these hifi systems.

Pakistan needs a team of leaders like IGP Dr Usman Anwar who can grow, achieve and boast the image of Police by security, law and order and other national goals, with his expertise, experience, invaluable insights, inspiring ideas, and best practices. Because before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself, but when you become a leader, success is all about growing others. Indeed, Pakistan needs leaders, not bosses!

Under the leadership of IGP Dr Usman Anwar, thousands of officers have been promoted according to merit and seniority to raise the morale of the police force, to standard the merit and morale. The health screening of the force is complete, vaccination is ongoing, and bravery medals are being launched for the successful completion of dangerous operations. The internal police work is being upgraded with modern IT applications and software to develop modern technology through software, applications and other programs. Police service centers across the province have provided fast and efficient service to the citizens. Equal attention and provision of additional resources have been ensured for anti-crime operations as well as investigations. At present, Khidmat Marakiz (service centers), Service Counters and police service vans are engaged in providing services to the citizens and millions of citizens are taking benefits every year. The Khidmat Markaz Global Portal provides overseas Pakistanis with Character Certificate, National Status Verification and other facilities whereas modern software are also being developed for fast-track workings of police station. IG Punjab is being appreciated due to the IT reforms and by widening its scope. With the support of the Inter­national Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs Section of the US Embassy, mutual cooperation in anti-crime, pub­lic safety and infrastructure of promotion increased.The Police Sta­tion Record Management System, CRO, Women Safety App, Protection Centers and other modern projects are on the cen­tral dashboard of the Punjab Police and all the details of official matters of the Punjab Police are available on the po­lice dashboard with just one click, with the features and working of Human Resource Mobile Ap­plication of Punjab Police, which is appreciable the effective use of information technology that joint measures with the Punjab Po­lice which will be ensured in the fight against drugs and crimes. Punjab po­lice training mechanism and infrastruc­ture will be upgraded by utilizing the experience of modern police. The training curriculum of the Punjab Po­lice will be redesigned with information sharing and mutual cooperation, provi­sion of modern technology, professional training and equipment will be ensured to the Punjab Police for anti-crime. IGP Punjab Dr. Usman Anwar along with senior officers of the Punjab Police visited Wuxi Police Training College in China and had an important meeting with senior officers and instructors of the Chinese Police Training College, and important decisions were taken regarding professional training of Punjab Police officers, expansion of bilateral cooperation and provision of advanced drone technology training. Punjab Police will send ASPs to the Police Training College in China for operational and investigation training, which will equip them with modern policing methods, effective use of new technology and further improvement in eradication of crimes and public service delivery. Chinese police experts gave a practical demonstration of the use of different types of drones to the IG Punjab and the members of the delegation. The experience and assurance of full cooperation from the Chinese police in providing modern drone technology to the Punjab Police will improve the operational, investigation and surveillance capabilities of the Punjab Police, at the same time, the use of this modern technology will improve the monitoring and surveillance system in the law and order situation, traffic management and crime control process. The use of drone technology will help in operations against criminals in difficult terrain and congested areas. This technology will be of special convenience in the surveillance of secret locations, preparation of operational strategies and intelligent-based operations. The modern Chinese drone technology and training will prove to be an important milestone towards effective policing and it will be used for crowd control, weapon handling, and arresting suspects with a face recognition system, against miscreants in the Kacha area of south Punjab. The rescue and relief operations of the police will also improve significantly with drone technology. It’s important that with the help of Safe City cameras in various other cities, including Lahore and others security of the rallies should be monitored. Special control rooms should have been established, which should remain active 24 hours to monitor the security at the central police office and other sensitive districts. During the processions and rallies, it should be kept in mind to maintain the smooth flow of traffic on the roads by alternate routes with additional deployment of wardens so that the citizens do not face any kind of difficulty. Special Branch should provide full support to the district police teams during security arrangements, close coordination should be ensured with Peace Committees and religious scholars to maintain religious harmony and an atmosphere of peace and order. There should be no delay in taking legal action against those who do aerial firing and fireworks.

Modern policing, especially the provision of services to citizens and the use of modern technology in crime control is the need of time. Previously officers would rely on traditional methods, involving physical visits to various locations, resulting in considerable time and resource wastage. Now, with just the press of a button, investigating officers can instantly verify and identify suspects and criminals through the online platform. The data compiled for the system includes 16 million records and pictures from the driving licenses branch, 1.8 million records from the Crime Record Branch, 1.3 million from the Punjab Khidmat Marakaz, and 300,000 records of accused individuals and criminals from Punjab prisons. The effective use of information technology USA  key in modern policing, therefore development of software and applications for upgrading police working systems to modern modules should be continued. At the same time, effective monitoring and inspection of these IT projects should be ensured. The three innovative applications jointly developed by IT Wing of Punjab Police and PITB include the Monitoring App for Digital Monitoring of Cases, PER app for the computerization of Annual Performance Reports (ACR) and the Punjab Police Tourist Facilitation App for the protection and convenience of tourists. All three apps activated, a feature should also be added in the PER app that any officer who delayed in writing the ACRs of his subordinates, his own ACR form would remain locked in the computer as long as he retained the rest of his subordinates and did not complete ACRs of his subordinates. There must be improvements in light of feedback received from the citizens for further improvement of public service projects, especially front desk, police service centers and 8787 Complaint Management System. The process of upgradation should be made more efficient and at the same time compliance of SOPs formulated in the Police Record Management System, Human Resource Management System, and Criminal Record Management System must be ensured. A Monitoring Application for Supervisory Officers had been launched for digital monitoring of cases under which the monitoring officers would monitor the performance, patrolling and investigation of the subordinate staff and hence would be able to directly monitor other details including progress.The PER App was being introduced in for the evaluation of annual performance reports of grade sixteen or above, under which the entire process of completion of ACRs would be done under an automated system. The Punjab Police Tourist Facilitation App was also prepared for the protection and convenience of foreign and local tourists which would a great initiative by IG Punjab. With the collaboration of PITB officers, more than 30 pieces of software had been developed so far to make the working of the Punjab Police more efficient including the Police Station Record Management System, Human Resource Management Information System, Complaint Management System, Punjab Police Financial Management System, Inventory Management System, Hotel Eye, Tenancy Registration System and Police Service Centers were notable for effectively providing information technology for crime control and public service delivery as per the principles of Punjab Police Smart and Community Policing by which information technology was being effectively utilized for crime control and public service delivery and due to which the process of eradication of criminal elements had not only accelerated but also the atmosphere of mutual cooperation between the police and the public was improving. The reliance on information technology should be further increased to further improve crime control and service delivery in the style of modern policing while all matters under the police station record management system had been completed under issued SOPs. Moreover, the officers in all the districts should have close coordination with their IT in-charges. There is an urgent need for the effective utilization of information technology should be ensured so that citizens do not have to go around the offices repeatedly for their issues and police-related matters should be resolved through the latest IT Applications with a single click. All the applications of Punjab Police, which have various services launched for the citizens, should be integrated into one App and this App should also be upgraded in light of the feedback received from the citizens.  Emphasis should be given to focus on the Complaint Management System to ensure the timely resolution of every complaint received by the citizens. No strategy is effective unless ends and means are aligned. Pakistan needs a team of leaders like IGP Dr. Usman Anwar who can grow, achieve, and boost the image of the Police through security, law, and order, and other national goals, with his expertise, experience, invaluable insights, inspiring ideas, and best practices. Because before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself, but when you become a leader, success is all about growing others. Indeed, Pakistan needs leaders, not bosses!

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