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The future of Boris Johnson: PM stands still as MPs await Sue Gray’s report

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  • The future of Boris Johnson: PM stands still as MPs await Sue Gray’s report

Boris Johnson’s colleagues say he has seen a plot to oust him so far but his future could depend on the outcome of Sue Gray’s report by the top 10 teams.

A senior civil servant is expected to publish his findings on a Covid violation on Downing Street next week.

Mr Johnson urged lawmakers to wait for the report after he was attacked by other calls for his resignation.

Tory grandee and his former friend David Davis told him: “In the name of God go”.

And backbench MP Tory Christian Wakeford rebelled against Labor, describing the Prime Minister as incapable of leading.

Speaking on today’s program Thursday, Health Secretary Sajid Javid said: “If there were people in the heart of the government who did not follow the rules they should be disciplined and I look forward to disciplinary action” but added “right to wait for the outcome” of the investigation.

He said the emergence of issues affecting internal parties at Number 10 was “damaging” the country’s democracy.

Mr Johnson has come under heavy criticism since admitting he attended a garden party hosted by 10 workers in Downing Street garden during the May 2020 closure.

So far six Conservative MPs have publicly declared their distrust of the PM, but it is thought that many have sent letters to Sir Graham Brady, chairman of the 1922 backbench committee, which organizes Tory leadership competitions.

There are complaints that the final ballot of 54 letters needed to reach the vote of no confidence and election leadership could be reached, but no official name has been released.

However, some Conservatives have told the BBC that the situation has changed, following Mr Wakeford’s revolt.

“I do not think there is anything more unifying than watching someone fall down like that,” said Tory MP Joy Morrissey, who won her seat as Mr Wakeford in 2019.

Northern Ireland’s Prime Minister Conor Burns told BBC Newsnight: “What happened 24 hours ago was that my colleagues began to look at what was happening and began to ask themselves the question, ‘What are we doing, and where is this going?’

“And I think there is a real sense of urgency and I see that the only thing that needs to be done is to wait for Sue Gray’s report to ask the prime minister, as he has clearly stated he will come to the House of Representatives and make a decision. Statement and response.” Richard Holden, Member of Parliament for North West Durham, acknowledged that the situation was “calm” and “things are fine”.

But he added to today’s program: “I think things will come to a head with the Sue Gray report. That will be a very important moment.”

Businessman John Caudwell – who had donated £ 500,000 to the Conservatives before the last election – said he would like to see Mr Johnson continue, but added that “he may have to leave or everyone needs to follow him and advance policies for us. He chose him”.

The Prime Minister has rejected repeated calls to stop during the stormy Commons session on Wednesday.

He said he was committed to his management of the parties down Downing Street but stressed that critics should wait for the findings of a formal investigation before issuing a judgment.

Later on Wednesday, the No 10 news correspondent confirmed that Mr Johnson would once again fight any vote of no confidence in his party.

But Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross, one of those who called on Mr Johnson to step down, had earlier said a vote of no confidence was imminent and “imminent”. says he warned PM that the Downing Street garden party on May 20, 2020 puts him at risk of violating Covid rules.

Mr Cummings also accused Mr Johnson – who insisted he thought the party was a work party – of misleading Parliament.